Choosing My Oxidizing Crème

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Often referred to as developer, this product is found in creamy consistency and mixed with bleach powder, permanent dyes, demi- permanent dyes and toners. From our last post on the lightening process, we broke down the role this product plays in your hair but just to refresh your memory, this is the hydrogen peroxide powerhouse that helps break down the pigment in your hair to give lighter hair and also reacts with pigment in your dye to give that dye deposit.
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So, how do we choose which oxidizing cream is suitable for our needs?
Well developer is categorized according to strength which is the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the product.
– 10volume has 3%
– 20volume has 6%
– 30volume has 9%
– 40volume has 12%
The manufacturer recommends:
– 10vol for darker shade deposits, pastel color deposit and grey hair coverage.
– 20vol for tone-on-tone coloring, grey hair coverage and lightening 1 – 2 levels
– 30vol for lifting 2 – 3 levels with permanent dyes, 3-4 levels with bleach powder and grey coverage.
– 40vol for lifting up to 5 levels with permanent dyes and bleach powder, coloring with high lift dyes.
Let’s go back to our hair level chart…
This baby is the universal tool for understanding how our hair lifts from level 1/2 (black/brown shades) to level 10(lightest blonde) or any shade in between. So, assuming we all have level 2 hair, this means;
Incase I want to dye my hair black (level 1) I will select a 10vol oxidizing crème. Why? Its a darker shade than my current level 2 hair.
What if I have blonde hair(level 7) and would like to use the 6.6 dark auburn blonde permanent dye on my hair? Same case. The first number in permanent dyes always refers to the level of intensity the dye can be found at. In this case, its level 6. This means the dye shade is darker that my current level 7 blonde hair. So, Ill use my 10vol developer.
Ok, I want to bleach my hair from black to blonde. For the safety of my hair, 30vol oxidizing cream makes sense. Its strong enough to do the job and safe enough for my strands. This is why our mini bleach kit, which is our best seller, has a standard 30vol oxidizing cream.
We really hope this was helpful and informative for your decision making and aim to provide the best hair dyes in Kenya as well as the information to use it! Feel free to give feedback to us! We love hearing from you.


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