Root Concealer Pen

This hair dye pen covers up greys in a second. It has a stylish design, is light and portable so you can carry it everywhere. Smooth applicability and highly pigmented concealer that allows seamless blending of your roots with the rest of your hair.


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Directions Of Use
  1. Gently press the bottom of the pen.
  2. On dry hair, use the soft bristle brush to apply the dye on grey strands.
  3. Leave to airdry or use cool setting on your blow dry.
Water – denatured alcohol, phenethyl alcohol, acidic acid, isopropanol alcohol, butanediol alcohol, diflurovinyl alcohol, Brunei colinic acid, hydroxyethyl cellulose, fraccok root extract, raspberry extract, strawberry extract, laurel extract, rice extract, black soy extract, black mary leaf extract, rosemary extract, butanediol, silk amino acid, alcohol core oil, olive oil, dodecyl essence, oat protein extract, bio tree oil, fluorochloromethyl Benzyl, methyl silicon, triedes-6, holly acrylamide, C13-1 isoparaffin, Horikutanium68, Rares-7 sodium, water hydration, riku calcium acid polymerization object, Black 401, red 27, color 205, Purple 401, yellow 407, Sodium PC catfish, fragrance.

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