Oxidizing Creme – 1L

Oxidizing Crème/ Hydrogen Peroxide Crème/ Developer is an oxidizing agent that, when mixed with bleach powder/ oxidative hair dye supplies the necessary oxygen to develop the color molecules and create a change in the natural hair color.


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Choosing an oxidizing creme:
  • 10 volume(3%) for deposit only, or dyeing bleached hair.
  • 20 volume(6%) lifts by one level or for dyeing hair tone on tone.
  • 30 volume( 9%) lifts by 2 or 3 levels and  for covering grey hair.
  • 40 volume(12%) lifts by 3 or 4 levels
Directions For Use
i) Preliminary Sensitivity Test
-Clean a small area behind the ear or elbow with alcohol.
-Apply small quantity of product and let it dry.
-Wait 48 hours without washing.
-If reddening, swelling or itching is experienced, don’t use product.
ii) Application
  1. In a Plastic bowl, mix the Bleach Powder/Platinum Decoloring Cream/Oxidative Dye and the Oxidising Crème 1:1 using an application brush until homogenous cream is obtained.
  2. Evenly spread the prepared mixture on the hair length and tips and let it rest for about 10 minutes.
  3. When this development time is over, prepare the same coloring mixture and spread it evenly on the hair roots, let it develop for another 15 minutes.
  4. When the resting time is over, rinse the hair delicately and thoroughly with lukewarm water, shampoo and follow up with conditioner.
Ammonium Persulfate, Pottasium Persulfate, Zea Mays(Corn Starch), TALC, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide, Wheat Gern Oil, Hydrolized Collagen, Sodium Persulfate, Hydrolized Keratin.


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