Lightening/ Bleaching Hair

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Hey Fam! Let’s Talk Lightening/Bleaching Your Hair…

Blondes, Semi-permanent dyes, Permanent dyes (most of them) all have one thing in common in their application process.. Step One involves lightening your hair using Bleach products. So what exactly happens to your hair when lightening?
First off, this is a chemical process that involves use of bleach powder and oxidizing crème to obtain lighter shades of your hair. Could be brown or blonde. ( Check out our mini bleach kit for DIY/ at home applications ). The Universal Hair Color Level Chart Is a great guide in this process. It’s sort of like the compass for hair color. It helps you know what stage your hair is at during the process.
Most African hair’s  color falls at a level 2, brown black so when trying to achieve blonde shades, it’s important to understand that your hair will have to go through all the levels on the chart to finally get to your blonde but that’s a story for another post!
Back to our lightening process:
Product 1: Bleach Powder.
This power house can be found in crème or gel form universally, but for us, we deal with the powder. And so do most salons. The main ingredient found in bleach powder is Ammonia. With a PH of 11.6, its the Alkalizing agent in your mix.
Take note that your hair has a PH of 4.5 – 5.5, meaning this product is waaaayyy higher in the PH scale. Why? You may ask.. The bleach powder’s first role is to lift/swell your cuticles in preparation for dye deposit. It’s kinda like opening the door for our other workers to get in… How gentleman like! 2nd role will be found in this upcoming section.
Product 2:  Oxidizing Crème.
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Also known as Developer, this product comes in crème form. Guys, please stop asking if you can use the hydrogen peroxide in a black bottle used in hospitals. As much as they share the main ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide, the crème is formulated with other awesome ingredients made for your hair. So lets use what was made for our hair, on our hair!  Oxidizing crème is categorized in; 10vol, 20vol, 30vol, 40vol – All dependent on the amount of Hydrogen peroxide used in the formula. We have the mini 200ml size too for DIY/ at home use.
The PH for Oxidizing Crème is 3.5 which is actually really close to your hair’s. It’s role?
  • Oxidizing the ammonia in the bleach powder (meaning both products are inactive when used on their own).
  • Break down your hairs’ natural pigment; melanin to really small pieces in the process.



So what is the result?
The itty bitty broken down melanin allows more light to pass through! To the human eye, this hair will appear lighter. And that, my dear friends is the easiest chemistry class you’ll ever attend on lightening.
It’s important to note that your color history plays a very huge role in your final hair color results. If you’re a fan of Henna, Black shampoo, box dye and any other natural or progressive dye, your hair tends to be resistant to the lightening process and instead of the blonde you so badly want, you’re left with a brownish stain.
Around here, we are all for intentional lightening/bleaching. Assess your hair’s health before you undertake this or any other chemical process. We understand the need to “double process” when your hair doesn’t give you that light blonde after the first round but ensure you give your hair all the protein and moisture treatments needed afterwards and it will thankyou for it.
Have You tried our Bleach Products? (which are the best hair dye products in Kenya). Share your results below or tag us on our socials!
Thankyou for the love!


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