Are Permanent Dyes Really Permanent?

Mar 16, 2023 | 0 comments

Hey Color Lovers!
We recently were intrigued in a group discussion on the meaning behind permanent dye. Is it an indication of longevity? Most clients feel like its a case of false advertising.
So let’s dig deeper..
Permanent dyes lighten and deposit color at the same time and in a single process. Due to the fact that they lighten the natural hair color, they are considered permanent. They remove natural hair pigment while at the same time adding artificial color to the hair.
How Does Dye Deposit To Hair Shaft Work?
The dye forming reactions are carried out at an alkaline PH which is the role of ammonia from the dye tube. This raised PH causes the hair cuticle to swell, which allows hydrogen peroxide and dye molecules to pass to the cortex. Hydrogen Peroxide/ Oxidizing Crème /Developer is the agent responsible for oxidation of primary intermediaries found in the tube of dye and also lightens the melanin  aka natural pigments present in hair.
                                                        hair cuticle
What’s In My Permanent Dye?
Permanent hair colors contain uncolored dye precursors, which are very small and can easily penetrate into the hair shaft. These dye precursors, called aniline derivatives (AN-ul-un DUR-ive-it-ives), contain small, uncolored dyes that combine with hydrogen peroxide to form larger, permanent dye molecules within the cortex. These molecules are trapped within the cortex of the hair and cannot be easily shampooed out.
Ok, So How Long Will The Permanent Dye Last?
Permanent dyes might have permanently altered the structure of your hair but the vibrancy lasts for 6 – 8 weeks before a touch up is required. Note that within this duration, the color pop slowly fades out with every wash.
Tips and Tricks For Color Longevity..
Acidic Shampoos  – Your hair’s PH is 4.5 -5.5 which is acidic. The coloring process involves an ammonia induced cuticle swell to allow for deposit in an alkaline PH. Your aftercare will benefit from acidic shampoos to rebalance PH.  Some people swear by a vinegar rinse after shampoo, we swear by our Apple Cider Vinegar based shampoo to do the job.  Either way, the theory behind it stands.
Aftercare – A healthy, consistent routine and great hair products keep your hair and scalp feeling great and looking strong and shiny. When it comes to longevity, we formulated the color revive conditioners to slow down the fading process by depositing pigment while provided the much needed moisture for your hair. Easy, on wash days, after your protein/moisture treatment, add a generous amount of the color revive conditioner, leave on for 30 mins and rinse out. The vibrancy is unmatched. Check out this instruction guide video. We have all shades available.
Post                                                              Post
We hope this post was informative. The next time your friend asks you what exactly permanent dye means if it won’t last a lifetime, its time to bring out the education!


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