Color Revive Conditioners

Feb 11, 2023 | 0 comments

We all love the look of our hair dyes immediately after application. I mean, the intensity, shine….very va-va -voom! If you’re like us, you even move different! You’re untouchable, okay!!
The way dyes are formulated, whether semi-permanent or permanent  , with every shampoo wash, you will move towards the fading out process. Other factors such as swimming affect hair dye longevity too.
So how do we ensure longevity? Its all about MAINTENANCE!! Your Colorist will tell you and we will tell you too🙂
Tip 1:
Use Shampoos with an acidic Ph. This helps close your cuticles after application, locking in your color for way longer. We’ve talked more on your hair structure and PH in the previous post. Be sure to check out our Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo.
Tip 2:
We formulated our these hair conditioners with your wash days in mind. Maximum hydration + Color Deposit = Renewed Color Intensity on your wash days! Let’s break it down for you…
The Color Revive Conditioners are Sulfate, Parabens and Gluten Free, enriched with Vitamins B, C and E. PH balanced as well and the fruity scent is just a plus!! Currently available in 8 shades and constantly expanding to include more (We are formulating a black one too! How exciting!), these Conditioners deposit more pigment on your hair with every use. Meaning, no fade outs to your dye!
Application Process: After shampoo wash, towel dry hair, wear gloves and apply the product generously. Let sit under a shower cap, you can use heat at this point for more penetration.  After at least 30mins, rinse out, dry and style.
Check out this video for the switch Up with the ginger shade from one of our Fav clients: @_mwejekah
Our Color Revive Conditioners are great on both permanent and semi-permanent dyes and we promise you, they will not disappoint. Now, You can stay in love with your color intensity for longer! Have you tried one out? Tell us about your experience!


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