Temporary Hair Dyes

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Hello to the commitment phobes! 🙂  This post will make you feel seen, heard and understood! LOL

Sometimes, you want to switch it up to a new hair color without the long term commitment or process involved in the semi-permanent dyes or the permanent dyes. We have Sprays and Waxes for those days/weeks. The major feature for these dyes is that they can be washed off anytime! Simply because they just sit on top/ coat your hair strands, making them easy to apply and remove. Yes, you’ll need to protect your pillow when sleeping. However, once they dry up, they will not stain your everyday clothes except on friction.

These colors are safe and lots of fun for kids too. They cause ZERO damage since they don’t penetrate your strands.

Temporary Sprays:

In our shop, you’ll find either the liquid based color spray bottles or the Aerosol cans, which, like spray paint are air based. They both work great and have the same color and product pay-off.

  • These 30ml bottles can be used once or twice depending on your hair length and volume.
  • They last around 3 – 5 days while slowly fading out on their own.
  • Can be washed off anytime!
  • Available in: Blue, Purple, Red, Green, White, Gold, Grey.

Spray Application: On dry hair, apply the spray directly to your hair and let to dry.


Temporary hair dyes in Kenya.

Application Tutorial By @karennasimiyu

Temporary Wax:

These are the bigger, longer lasting option of temporary colors! The wax form makes it easy to manually control application.

  • Comes in 120g  tub therefore can be used for multiple applications. We’re talking over 5 full head applications on average hair length and volume.
  • The application lasts for a week or more while slowly fading out on its own.
  • Can be washed off anytime!
  • Available in: Blue, Purple, Gold, Red, Gold, Orange, Green, White, Grey, Mocha, Pink, Black.



Temporary wax application: Step 1: Moisturize your hair Step 2: Apply just enough wax on your hair, layer once and avoid rubbing motion. Step 3: Let it dry. You can airdry or use an indirect source of heat. P.S The wax is great when used as a styling product for your twist-outs, flexi -rods, bantu knots etc.

Application Tutorial By @_wangeci__ngare


Easy washoff tutorial by @ktedynatural



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