Introduction to Semi-Permanent Dyes

Dec 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Have you been thinking you would look mighty fine in one of those ‘crazy hair colors’? Here’s your sign to Just Do It, the Hair Color Company has you covered 💯

Semi permanent colors come in all sorts of vibrant shades and are commonly known as fashion colors. They work on all hair types; natural hair, relaxed hair or texlaxed hair. Human hair wigs too!

We have the best hair dyes in Kenya, and in East Africa. We currently have Red, Blue, Purple, Jungle Green, Plum, Orange, Magenta (Pink), Lilac, Eggplant, Yellow, Yellow Gold, Yellow Green, Rose Gold, Lilac, Wine Red and Ash Grey Hair Colors in stock. And we are constantly expanding our product line. Check out our catalogue here.



So, what do you need to know about the semi permanent dyes?


1. They require you to first decolor (bleach) your hair to a shade of brown to blonde. Fashion colors will not show on black hair. Think of it like pouring wine on a black T-shirt.

Do not feel daunted by the thought of decoloring your hair, our Bleach Kit is your one step solution to acquiring any shade of blonde you desire.

2. The lighter the shade of blonde you have as a base color, the more vibrant will be your result. Starting off with a brown shade will result in a ‘duller’ shade than starting off with a bright blonde shade. Of course the shade that you would like to achieve is completely up to you.

 You can use the image below to understand hair color levels.

Most of us have black or brown shades as our natural shade (level 1 or 2)   Your hair goes up this ladder when bleaching. The longer you leave the bleach mix in your hair, the lighter it gets (All factors held constant) So when you deposit Semi permanent dyes on level 10 hair, it will be brighter and more intense that when you deposit on level 5. Makes sense?



3. Semi permanent dyes, in fact all dyes including ‘permanent dyes ‘, tend to fade with time. Semi permanent dyes can last up to 10 shampoo washes while losing their vibrancy slowly over time. In order to help you maintain your color we have developed the Color Revive Conditioner that’s intended to maintain your color intensity with every shampoo wash while conditioning your hair. Think of it as a pigmented hair mask.

4. To switch up your color to a different shade you can

  • Shampoo your hair till the shade is faded out then add your new color on top (this method works for some shades, and we recommend that you familiarize yourself with color theory.
  • The second method is to use the Platinum Decoloring Cream to strip the dye off your hair. This product works in removing permanent dyes too.

See some of the colors I’ve tried below. Nothing like switching up your hair color to confuse your enemies. Plus it’s an indubitably fun thing to do 🙂




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