Switching Hair Dye Shades

Feb 16, 2023 | 0 comments

What do you do if you ready to switch your color up?

Scenario 1: Blank Canvas

This means removing most or all the dye pigment from your hair, leaving you to a platinum shade or very close to it. For this, you use our platinum decoloring crème which  is a high lift bleach crème formulated for this purpose. It is good hair practice to follow up with moisture and protein treatments afterwards for your hair health.

Bleach Bath Video : @browngirlwonder


Scenario 2: Slow Fade Out Method

The more you shampoo wash your hair, the more the dye fades out. This applies to all dyes, whether permanent or semi permanent. Therefore If there is no urgency and you’re curious, you can let your color fade out slowly over time then layer a different color on top when sufficiently faded.

Faded Green To Turquoise Blue: @browngirlwonder



It’s important to note with the fade out method that any color you layer on top of another color will interact with the color beneath it. Your hair at this point is not a blank slate. This is where color theory comes in🙂 You can delve much deeper into this on the Internet but let’s call this an intro class.

1. Vivid shades of the same color can go on top of pastel shades without the need to decolor. eg. if you have rose gold and would like a bright pink just get the pink semi and layer that baby on 😉


2. Colors across the wheel from each other cancel each other out. This neat trick is used when purple shampoo is used to remove/neutralize yellow undertones from light blondes or when blue shampoo neutralizes orange undertones from dark blonde shade to achieve light or platinum blondes.

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